I Got tired of all the graphic tees with sayings like:
“Mama needs some wine”, “Fine like wine”, “They whine; I wine”

Oh I used to think it was cute, but then I realized there was really nothing cute about sipping on “mom juice” all day — while I was running around — with kids and without kids; there was nothing cute about drinking “Chardonnay All Day”, and there sure as heck was nothing cute about my kids watching me do this.


So I made my own #graphictee🙌
Knowing I was never really fine with wine; but today, I’m fine AF, without wine. #sobriety all the way baby!
I’m waaaay too fine for wine! 🙌💋 And I plan to keep it that way!

If anyone reading this needs to talk about this issue or has questions,
I will openly share and lovingly listen.
You are not alone my friend

XO, Deb

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