I feel like I should apologize for all the Competition posts…but it IS my page…and it was kind of a big deal in my life…so, I hope you’ll indulge me. 😍

I started this journey in mid June. I was fresh off of 2 rounds of 80 Day Obsession which inspired me so much by the results I got, I thought I might actually be able to manage pushing myself to the next level.

I met my coach Kristie Winter on the recommendation of one of my Deborah Baska: Fit Fun and Fabulous! You CAN have it all. Followers 😍

This is my #transformationtuesday post showing the very first pics I sent to Kristie back in June, next to my stage pics from the NPC All Star Championships this past weekend.

I know the poses are different; the hair and makeup are different; so some may say this is not a “fair” comparison. So if that’s you, you don’t need to comment. 😘

More than any physical transformation (which was flipping incredible!!), was my internal transformation. Each time I keep a promise I make to myself, my self-esteem gets a boost. Each time I challenge myself in a new way and expand my comfort zone, my self-esteem sparkles just a bit more..

And friends, let me ask you, can’t we all use a little more boosting and sparkling in our lives?

Maybe you think my “starting” pics are pretty OK. 😁 If so, I want you to know, that was achieved with the fit and healthy-ish lifestyle that I promote and coach my clients how to do. 💯 It’s not that “I work so hard”, as my sweet friends are inclined to say (which I fear means they are giving themselves an “out”); it’s that I’ve been consistent; I’ve found programs that work and continuously challenge and change my body in the most efficient use of timw: and that I have accountability and support EVERY DAMN DAY with my fit TRIBE.


Do you want to do as I have done – At your level and at your starting line (not mine!)?

It’s work. But is NOT beyond what you can do. It’s just not. I believe that for you. Please believe that for yourself and say YES to my helping hand. 💋🙌💪

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