…’cause you should!!  Honestly, I have always been a loner. I have never made friends easily, especially with women. I never did team sports. And the worst projects in college were team projects.
💯 truth!

Yet, when I learned that working with my coach @elitecoaching_tf met I would also be part of a team, I was 💯 excited! You see, in the past few years, I’ve learned the value of being part of a team. 💪

Today I call it a TRIBE: a place where women lift each other up. They can be trusted to have your back. They have goals, and dreams, a work ethic and a thirst for improving themselves-mind, body and soul. 🙌
When you surround yourself with a team, a TRIBE, like that, the joy is in the journey.💕

I cannot imagine having been on this journey without my Team. We spent many long hours waiting, getting nervous, sharing, and needing a reassuring “your 🍑 looks great!” before we stepped on stage 😜

I’m blessed to be part of some amazing TRIBES today: Trines that support me in my fitness, personal development, business, faith, etc. And guess what, there’s always room for one more.😉

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