As an Elite Beachbody coach, I just received a SNEAK PEEK copy of the 21 Day Fix Extreme Dirty 30 Extreme workout. Since I, and my clients, have had such amazing success with the original 21 Day Fix, I have been super excited to try out the new 21 Day Fix Extreme workout.

With the 21 Day Fix, Autumn Calabrese introduced us to her life-changing Portion Control eating system. I say “Life-Changing” because, if you’re like me, and do your workouts faithfully, but don’t always get the body you are wanting, it really all goes back to what you are eating. With the Portion Fix system, it was like the veil had been lifted for me on HOW MUCH to eat and WHAT to eat. Liberating!!!

With the 21 Day Fix Extreme, Autumn is taking us to the next level. She is a physique competitor and knows what it takes to get in competition shape. She is sharing that with us. So that means with the 21 Day Fix Extreme, we are going ALL IN – no cheats and treats in the meal plan, and more intense 30 minute workouts!

Take a look!


The 21 Day Fix Extreme is all about getting shredded. So whether you’ve been doing other extreme workouts, or you’re a 21 Day Fix graduate, or you’re simply in a hurry to lose every last unwanted pound, 21 Day Fix EXTREME will give you the body you’ve been working towards.

No other program has you eating this well and working this hard. It’s going to take guts, intensity, and drive. But it’s only 21 days. Autumn will be there every step of the way to guide you, challenge you, keep you on track. And at the end of the day, you’re going to look and feel awesome.

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