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52 Book Challenge – Book #4! EntreLeadership

52 Book Challenge! EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey! I first became a fan of Dave Ramsey from his famous radio show on which he dolls out advice to regular folks regarding financial matters – basically: Don’t spend what you don’t have! When he came to... read more

52 Book Challenge: Book #3 – Gift from the Sea

Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh After my first two books, I decided to read something a little lighter and shorter. So, I grabbed this book from my bookshelf that was actually a gift to me from my dearest friend. She gave it to me in 2011, as per the... read more

21 Day Fix Extreme – FIRST LOOK!

As an Elite Beachbody coach, I just received a SNEAK PEEK copy of the 21 Day Fix Extreme Dirty 30 Extreme workout. Since I, and my clients, have had such amazing success with the original 21 Day Fix, I have been super excited to try out the new 21 Day Fix Extreme... read more

Insanity vs. Insanity Max: 30

Why am I qualified to give a review on how Insanity is different from Insanity Max:30?  I have done two full rounds of Insanity and I am an Insanity Certified Instructor. I am also currently doing Insanity Max:30. So, here goes, in my own personal experience opinion.... read more

I’m a New Beachbody Coach. Now What?

Welcome to Team Dare to Dream’s 10 Day Series for new Beachbody Coaches. As a new coach, you will be presented with more information than you can comprehend. It’s a great problem really. Wouldn’t you rather have MORE info than not enough? But we want... read more
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