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FIXATE: 101 New 21 Day Fix Approved Recipes!

  Your Healthy Family Meal Planning Just Got Easier! 21 Day Fix® creator Autumn Calabrese takes her simple color-coded container system for measuring perfect portions and applies it to 101 of her favorite family recipes to give you Fixate, a delicious approach to... read more
CIZE Review: Official Coach Test Group Experience

CIZE Review: Official Coach Test Group Experience

What is it like to be in an official Beachbody Coach HQ Test Group? It’s like winning the lottery! It’s like being told Santa is real (well…LOL!). It’s like getting the lead in the school play! It’s flippin’ amazing!!! When I was... read more

Beachbody On Demand! Say What???

No More Excuses with Beachbody On Demand As a Coach I get a lot of excuses. Here are the most common ones I get when talking to new people. #1 excuse is I don’t have enough money. #2 excuse I get is I don’t have time. #3 excuse is I don’t have space... read more

52 Book Challenge: Books 6 and 7!

I am loving my 52 Book Challenge! I love the variety of books I’m reading, even though they are all non-fiction. I love the way my brain is thinking, and learning and just, growing. And I love being able to share the books with you! But, maybe I’m feeling... read more

52 Book Challenge – Book #4! EntreLeadership

52 Book Challenge! EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey! I first became a fan of Dave Ramsey from his famous radio show on which he dolls out advice to regular folks regarding financial matters – basically: Don’t spend what you don’t have! When he came to... read more

52 Book Challenge: Book #3 – Gift from the Sea

Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh After my first two books, I decided to read something a little lighter and shorter. So, I grabbed this book from my bookshelf that was actually a gift to me from my dearest friend. She gave it to me in 2011, as per the... read more
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