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Posing Practice!

Sigh…the posing makes the workouts seem easy! 😳😭AND the arching REALLY makes my bruised ribs ache. OK, whine time is over. 3 weeks til the big day! Posted by Deborah Painter Baska on Sunday, October 21,... read more

Seriously. I know “normal” people don’t post pics of their bum on social media. But I have no interest in being normal, so here it is. 😂🙌😜 What I’ve learned as I’ve trained for the NPC All Star Championships (my first bodybuilding competition), is that incremental... read more

Too Fine for Wine!

I Got tired of all the graphic tees with sayings like: “Mama needs some wine”, “Fine like wine”, “They whine; I wine” 🚫🍷🚫🍷 Oh I used to think it was cute, but then I realized there was really nothing cute about sipping on “mom juice” all day — while I was... read more

I have cravings too!

When you tell your hubby you are totally jonesing for some sugar and might run up to QT to get an apple fritter…and he says, “I wasn’t going to say anything..but…that won’t do you any good in November.” 😳 And your grand plan is... read more

Walking Practice!

This is so much harder than it looks!  There is so much to remember…but…practice makes perfect! Xo, Deb When your bikini competitor NAILES the walk!!! Nice work Deborah Painter Baska#TwinFitnessKC #TwinFitness #fitfam #NPC #bikiniPrep #goals #NPCstage... read more

Comparison is the thief of Joy…

I have to admit. Yesterday I was looking at my social media feeds and kept seeing posts from some of the amazing fit and fabulous 40+ ladies that I follow, many of them bikini competitors. And as I saw them post about “gotta shed the body fat” or “gotta build the... read more

What do you eat, Deb!?

One of the most common questions I get is: What do you eat to have a body like that? Well folks, I’m not ever going to be known as the “clean eating” girl, but I do my best…most of the time. 😜  I’m not ever going to be known as the most creative cook or the meal... read more
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