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So how’d it go…?

Took home some hardware in my first NPC Bikini Masters Class. NPC is the most renowned bodybuilding organization in the world. So, yeah, placing in an NPC is a pretty cool deal. 😍🙌😊 Thank you Kristie Winter and Elite Coaching for guiding me through journey. Thanks... read more

Show Time…tomorrow!

Tomorrow is show day! Can’t believe what this ole bod of mine has been able to do. I’ve already achieved my goal of pushing myself to the peak physical condition of my short 50 years. 😍 Whatever happens tomorrow will just be the peanut butter on my rice... read more

If you aren’t growing…you’re dying.

❣️In my peak physical condition. ❣️Feeling strong in body, mind and spirit. ❣️Energized by the challenge, the competition, the edge. People wonder why I would want to do a bikini competition at “my age.” All of the above. 💪😍 I’m one of the weird people who believes if... read more

What’s Holding You Back?

I’m currently training for my very first bikini competition!  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure that that’s no news to you!  BUT….even though I’m dabbling in this new world of fitness and nutrition…I’m still offering my Challenge Groups!! If you... read more

Get yourself a Support Team!

You know, when you decide to lay on the floor and do glute exercises, which cause you to grunt and groan and even cry out in pain, while watching a Netflix show, and your husband doesn’t bat an eye…well, maybe he raised an eyebrow…and when asked if your... read more
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