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5 pounds in 3 Days – Short and Sweet! The long story is that I had been carrying those 5 lbs around since Thanksgiving! Yes, that holiday pound creepage that I found myself stuck with, despite a consistent exercise routine.

The 3 Day Refresh is for you if:

1. You are a weight loss plateau and need to change things up.3 Day Refresh

2. You want to prepare for a special occasion (wedding, vacation, reunion, etc) or RECOVER from a special occasion (vacation, holidays, crazy weekend, etc.) so that you feel super fine!

3. You need a gentle detox to keep your body looking and feeling fine!



The 3 Day Refresh comes in 2 convenient kits:

1. BEST: The Challenge pack – comes with  your 3 Day Refresh PLUS a full month of Shakeology to help you maintain your results. ORDER NOW

2. Complete Kit – Everything you need for your 3 days (except your fresh produce) ORDER NOW


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