Hey! That’s me in the new CIZE infomercial!

Hey that's me!

Hey that’s me!

Being selected to be in the premiere CIZE Coach Test Group Experience was like a dream come true! I love to dance, in fact, I used to want to be a Broadway dancer. And at age 48, I still like to get my groove on…much to my daughter’s dismay! I love Shaun T and his brand of energy and motivation. So being asked to dance my way to fitness, and document and testify about my results, was a no-brainer!

But wait, it got better! I was asked to be interview on camera for my testimonial. The “shoot” was set up in a hotel suite in Nashville (that is where we had our annual Coach Summit). The room was full of camera people, directors, and stylists. And I was told to just act natural and have a conversation with the interviewer. LOL! Sure thing! Then I was asked to do one of my favorite routines. Now I’ve performed in front of many live audience in my day, in fact, I was a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader and THAT is a large audience! But I must say, it was rather nervewrecking to just “do my thang” in front of this small intimate crew.

Now, sadly to say, my dance did not make it on air (but you can see it below!). And for the 30 minute infomercial, I’m in it about at total of 15 seconds. BUT…it’s still pretty thrilling to see my face pop up on the TV as we are flipping thru the channels.


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If you hate to exercise, or you just love to dance, or your want to mix things up with your current workout routine, check out CIZE. Follow the full 30 workout schedule for great fat burning results, or do as I do today and use it to add some extra “flava” to your strength and cardio routine. Exercise should be FUN! Don’t you think?

For more information about my next CIZE it UP online fitness challenge, contact me today!

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