healthy holidayStudies show most people do gain weight during the holiday stretch, however, it’s not the average 5-10 lbs. that is often reported.  It’s that stubborn 1-2 pounds that accumulates every year, experts say we have to worry about in fighting the battle of the bulge.

Here are 10 strategies to help you get through all those holiday parties:

10. After your morning workout-drink 16 ounces of water.  Water is the beverage of choice!  Adequate daily hydration can help you loose 5 lbs. per year by giving your metabolism what it needs to function properly.

9.  Eat a small healthy snack or meal before you go.  Think sliced apples and cottage cheese, carrots and hummus, yogurt and almonds, or half of a sandwich. Going to that holiday party on an empty stomach will make you want to over-indulge.

8.  Limit alcohol to 1-2 servings.  It’s hard not to drink when everybody else is but alcohol increases your appetite, makes food seem more appealing and reduces your resolve to eat well. Beer has 100-150 calories depending if it’s light or regular; glass of wine, 120 cal; a shot, 100 cal; cocktails, 250-300 cal.  Moderation is key.

7.  Position yourself far from snack table & keep them out of sight.  It’s tempting to resist those high calorie snacks (chips, nuts, candy, cookies) while engaging in conversation with family. Try to socialize in a different room away from the snack table this will make it easier to resist.

6.  One plate per meal, no seconds.  No matter how appealing the dessert table and buffet at the holiday office party look make sure that you only make one trip.  However, make sure you try a little bit of everything so you feel your not depriving yourself either.

5.  Leave some space between each item on your plate – no heaping helpings.  This tip will keep your portions in check and give you the opportunity to taste each dish.

4.  Practice the 4 bite rule for high calorie foods, especially desserts.  The best lower calorie desserts are fruit, jell-o and pudding. But don’t upset Grandma, you can still have some of her home made pie or cheesecake but limit yourself.  The first 4 bites taste the best anyway!

3. Watch the condiments.  Gravies, sauces, salad dressings and butter all increase calories so fast.  When you control your portions you keep the condiment servings under control too.

2.  Talk to your family and friends more.  This is a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends, so engage your mouth in something besides eating.

1.  Reflect on what the holiday season is for.  You have many blessing’s, reflect on them…after all there’s a reason we all love to get together during the holidays.

Bonus Tip:  *Offer to take a walk with the kids and/or dog after eating.  Most likely the kids are bouncing of the walls from all the sweets they have had, not to mention Fido is doing circles with all the aroma’s he’s had to endure throughout the day.  So get some fresh air and stretch the legs, it’s good for every BODY!

If you do overdo it  over the holiday’s be sure to Contact Me and we will get you set up on your New Year New YOU fitness and exercise program! No worries! YOU GOT THIS!

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