I’m currently training for my very first bikini competition!  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure that that’s no news to you!  BUT….even though I’m dabbling in this new world of fitness and nutrition…I’m still offering my Challenge Groups!!

If you don’t know what a challenge group is, it’s an online community filled with like-minded people who are motivated and inspired to better themselves and their lives!  We help lift one another up by sharing our workouts, talking about nutrition and – OF COURSE – a sprinkling of selfies and food pics! Ha!

We all have those people in our lives who don’t exactly encourage us.  Maybe they say things like “Don’t worry about it, you can cheat this once”, or “You look great already, you don’t need to be watching what you eat”, or even “You’ve tried to lose weight before and it never works!  Why are you putting yourself through this?!”


This community of like-minded people, within my challenge groups, are the people who will help to inspire and encourage you…when others may not do so.

No matter what people in your life…children, spouses, coworkers, friends, other family members…may say to you — YOU are responsible for YOU.  You have to take care of yourself and your health.  Going back to our original question of “What’s holding you back?” – the answer is ultimatley NOTHING.

It truly is, NOTHING.
You can decide how to handle what’s in your head, and what’s in your heart, which guides your daily choices and decisions.

My challenge groups support your healthy mental state AND emotional state.  As a group, we work to foster your thought process and heartfelt beliefs about yourself, so that you’re able to say…AND BELIEVE…that NOTHING IS holding you back!

I encounter many people who are doing, what I did for years, by ‘sorta kinda’ watching what they eat and working out at the gym.
Or even, working out obsessively and not seeing results.  Starving themselves or binge eating, only to be left frustrated and quitting.  Again.

These challenge groups offer structure, routine and programs that will bring results.  I know, the word structure might scare you, but it’s a good word and an EXCITING word when you think about what you can achieve.
The “plan” you’ve been trying to stick to…isn’t working. You know it isn’t.
Dabbling on equipment at the gym…isn’t working.

You NEED a plan in place, and INSTRUCTIONS in order to hit your end goal.
While ‘structure’ might seem intimidating, it’s also full of hope and promise of a brighter and better tomorrow.
Remember, if nothing changes….nothing changes.

Here are some words that might not be so scary….’Effective’ and ‘Efficient’.  How do those sound?!
Our programs are effective and efficient.  Time is of the essence, and we’re all always trying to find more or save more.  Am I right?!  Why waste time with fad diets or wandering around a gym, when you can use one of our effective (see what I did there 😉) programs?!  Not only are there a ton of options to choose from but the support, accountability, balance, education, motivation, and structure that you gain from my challenge groups…make each program top notch!

Why not FINISH 2018 on a high note, and sail into 2019!?  Why not feel like you don’t have to HIDE from the camera this Holiday season, and feel great about snapping pictures with friends and family?  There truly is nothing holding you back…except YOU.  Thankfully, you can recognize that YOU want to get healthy.
YOU want to feel better.
YOU want to change YOUR life.
YOU want to inspire those around you.
YOU can do hard things and achieve results that you’ve never achieved.
YOU can take control.

I want to help

Let’s chat!


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