Autumn Calabrese’s new Country Heat, a boot-scootin’, line dancin’, fat burning workout, will be available at the end of July…and it is FABULOUS! If you love to move and groove, while listening to today’s latest country hits, this is the workout for you! Autumn Calabrese has created an amazing, low-impact & cardio-crammed workout that will keep your heart pumping! The routines are easy to follow, fun to learn and most of all, they are designed to deliver a cardio based, low-impact workout that is FUN!


You can try the COUNTRY SWING from the Country Heat program FREE in Beachbody on Demand! Don’t have a BOD membership, you can also try that FREE for 30 days by clicking here: FREE BOD Trial.


  • Country Heat has a modifier so you can do this program totally low-impact and at your own pace.
  • Country Heat comes with Autumn’s Portion Fix Container Eating System. As she says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” The Portion Fix WORKS because it’s simple!
  • Country Heat comes with 5 Dance Workouts and 1 Dance Conditioning workout – so you will get your squats, abs and arms one day a week!
  • Each Country Heat workouts is 27-30 minutes long. We ALL got time for that!
  • The workout schedule for Country is 6 days on, 1 day off.
  • Country Heat is available ONLY from a Beachbody Coach July 27!

If Country Heat sounds like your kind of workout, click HERE to be a part of my first customer test group, starting August 1: Country Heat Test Group If you are NOT on Facebook, please reply to me with your email! I got you covered!

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