Deb christmas 12 days of fitnessIt can be intimidating to set fit goals during the holidays! I mean, there are parties every weekend, afterwork happy hours with friends, baked goods in the office, Christmas recitals to attend, and NO TIME to fit in a trip to the gym!

So what are what are we going to do? Just chuck it all until after the New Year? Undo ALL that hard work we’ve put in over the year?

Or maybe, just maybe, we give it our best shot. Focusing on Progress…not Perfection. Just because we can’t get in our  normal 6 days of week of workouts, doesn’t mean we can’t do 4. Or  maybe we don’t have time for our 60 minute gym session, but we can do a 10 minute HIIT first thing in the morning. And maybe we allow ourselves some indulgences at the holiday parties, but we make sure we are still eating our healthy breakfast and lunch.

There ARE things we can do to stay fit thru the Holidays!

And the BEST thing we can do….hang out with Like Minded People! That’s where I come in! I’m people, and I’m like-minded, and know lots of others who are. So lets join together and support each other thru the 12 Days of Fitness!

Here’s what our 12 Days of Fitness will look like:

1. We start Dec. 13 and go thru Dec. 24

2. You will receive a daily email with your daily Fit, Food, and Fun challenges

3. You will be invited to a private Facebook group for daily interaction with me ME and my Friends!

4. There will be a prizes awarded for participation posts, encouraging others, and engaging with the group daily

Please fill out the short form below and you will be on your way to your 12 Days of Fitness – and what that really means is you are on your way to Jump Starting your New Year’s goals – you will be ahead of the other January 1 New Year’s Resolutions. And that is all the makings of having 2015 be one of your Best Year’s Ever!


12 Days of Fitness

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