“Motivation” is something that I hear about…a lot.
Not only do I talk with people about it almost daily, but I’ve learned a lot about it personally!

People are always talking to me about not knowing “where” their motivation went?!  They don’t understand what happened to it or why they lost it?  Sometimes, I feel like we’re all wandering around looking for our motivation, as if it were plastered on the side of a milk carton!

The truth is… You CANNOT solely rely on motivation.
Motivation is a fleeting feeling.  It comes and goes.
This may surprise you, but I’m not always motivated!! I don’t wake up every day WANTING to workout or WANTING to eat what I’m ‘supposed’ to eat! Sometimes that ooey-gooey melty cheese is calling my name…and I WANT to give in!

…BUT… It’s my DISCIPLINE that keeps me from quitting or giving into things that I know are bad for me.

You see, you can’t let yourself be ruled by whether your motivation is or isn’t there.  It won’t always be.
You CAN -however- become disciplined and take control of your life! A quote that I recently read has stuck with me as I’ve been thinking about this concept; Steve McCovey says, “Only the disciplined are truly free.  The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites and passions.”

Discipline is what remains after your motivation has gone.

Motivation is your WHY.  Motivation is why you come to me, asking for a workout program or wanting to change your eating habits.  Motivation is what you feel when you leave the Doctor’s office and they’ve just told you that you’re pre-diabetic.  Motivation is what is brewing inside your head when you read an inspirational post.

Almost immediately after your brain identifies those feelings of motivation, our subconscious kicks in and starts telling us why we aren’t worth it.  Why it will never work.  Why we’ll never lose the weight.  Why we can’t do it.  Why you don’t have time. Why and how you’ll FAIL.

This pattern amazes me!  The way we view ourselves– despite knowing what we need and we can help ourselves—with such a harsh internal narrative, chases off our motivation! THAT’S where the ever-elusive ‘motivation’ goes…running for the hills!

We need to remember that we ARE strong enough to take control of our lives.  We are WORTH IT.  We are VALUABLE and we are ABLE to make time for ourselves!  We are not floating through out our life, as a victim to our circumstances!

Acting on that first feeling of motivation is what will breed that ‘discipline muscle’.
Every time, every day, every workout, every meal…that you ‘flex’ that discipline muscle…It grows stronger.  It becomes more routine.  It sticks.  It pushes you….to get those results that you so badly wanted….when you left that Doctor’s office…and felt motivated.  It comes full circle.  You’ll start to understand that beautifully harmonious relationship between motivation and discipline, and how using them together can help you CRUSH your goals!

I love to help people find their STRONG…just like I did!  Not just only in my arms and abs…but in my mind and heart!  So much in our life is determined by how we think, that we can change parts of our narrative by becoming more disciplined and positive!  

As a coach -as a team- that’s what we do!  We help you take action, see results, foster your motivation and then turn it into discipline!  We help you remember your “why”… which first lit that fire of motivation…while creating and immersing you in a community of passion, encouragement, fitness and likeminded individuals!!

We help you stay on track. That way when your motivation has hit the road after a long day at work, a stressful situation, or life events beyond your control – your discipline takes over – and you just

Get. It. Done.

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