This weekend I had the chance to share some pretty personal, and painful, experiences with my Beachbody Family. I told several of you that I was feeling kind of “nekid” as a result – you know what I mean? I never would have shared my oh-so-very-flawed self with anyone a few years ago.

For so many years, wearing my “persona of perfect” was so important to me. Gosh, that was hard!!! And so not fun!deborah story super saturday sept 2014

As a Beachbody Coach, much of our value in helping others lies in our ability to be REAL, be vulnerable, share our story, help others know that we all have “stuff” and we can help each other. The personal growth I’ve gone thru as a coach has given me the courage to shed the “shame” and possibly help someone else in the process.

I came to realize that if I was going to “walk the talk”, I had to release some of these remaining “secrets” I carried deep inside – the ones that had truely most defined me over the past 10 years or so.

I learned that by NOT sharing, I was being selfish – what if there was just ONE person out there who could learn, or gain hope, from I have gone thru, and overcome. I realized that “shame” is not something we need to wear and allow to define ourselves. We move on.

So, thank you so much for the kindness and love from my BB family (all 225,00+ of you) who have sent me warm messages, and even shared some of YOUR own personal pain points. I hope my story can help you.

One final thought – I don’t know why I was given a second chance at this wonderful life – except for the one fact that God had a plan for me and I had not fulfilled that plan yet. He grasped me from certain death. For a reason. He never gives up on us…That understanding is what rests in my heart as a warm, loving force. He never gives up on us…So we must never give up on ourselves…

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