Personal Development is one of the 3 Vital Behaviors of a successful Beachbody Coach. Reading “good-for-you” books is not something I’ve always done. In fact, when I found out that I “had” to read such things, in order to build the foundation of a successful coach – something I wanted very much! – I was rather disgruntled about the whole thing. Afterall, in my very busy day, when I did have time to ready, I wanted to relax with some Danielle Steel or James Patterson.

But, nevertheless, I did what my mentors and leaders suggested, and started reading – just 10 minutes a day is what I was told to do. Just get into the habit of pouring good stuff into your mind, they told me.

Three years later, my life is completely changed. In fact, it started changing almost immediately. My life as a wife, mother, friend, daughter of God, professional, athlete, etc. All areas of my life began to change, grow and improve. Today, I call my personal development time “building my mental muscle”. Pouring good, positive thoughts into your mind equips you to handle life in a positive and productive manner. I believe in this with all my heart!

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