It was so much fun getting the chance to be a real live “runway model” in the Team Beachbody Fashion Show this deb fashion summit 2year in Vegas. Gosh, I thought that at 46, my dreams of being America’s Next Top Model were over…well, that may still be true…LOL! (and that was never really my dream anyway!!)

As a Top Beachbody Coach, we do get to enjoy some really fun perks, and being asked to be in the Wear and Share Fashion at Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas, was a great perk. We performed on the stage in the Garden Arena at MGM Grand, and yes, I thought about the likes of Brittney Spears, Justin TimberLake and the Black Eyed Peas performing on the very same stage. 🙂

If you have ever thought about becoming a Beachbody Coach, I’m happy to share with you the many other perks that being a coach can bring into your life. As the founder of Team Dare to Dream, and one of the top coaches in the company, I know how to make this a successful because I have done it! Contact Me Today! 


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