Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

After my first two books, I decided to read something a little lighter and shorter. So, I grabbed this book from my bookshelf that was actually a gift to me from my dearest friend. She gave it to me in 2011, as per the inscription, and I had yet to read it.  gift from the sea

As I browsed the online reviews, very briefly, I kept seeing the book referred to as “the much loved…” I think I actually started it a while back, and I have to admit, I didn’t get it.

But this time, since I’m on a quest to better my mind, I thought I would give it my all to read this “much loved” 130 page (very tiny) book.

I actually read it over night. I started it before I went to bed, then read it when I woke in the middle of the night, and finished it the next morning. At first I still didn’t get it. In the book, the author uses different types of shells as metaphors for life. It was a little hard to get my mind around. But I did start to grasp some of the concepts: Simplicity. Be present. Be still. Just be. Cherish the moments.

The final chapter really brought it home to me: “When we start at the center of ourselves, we discover something worthwhile…We find again some of the joy in the now, some of the peace in the here, some of the love in me and thee…”

The book was written in 1955, and the author did a 20 year revisit at the end. It is interesting how little things have changed over time. She talked about tuning out distractions in 1955, and that is something we are still working on mastering today. Today we call it “unplugging”. Unplugging from all the dings and pings of our technology.  I know it is one of my personal biggest challenges.

A Gift from the Sea actually is a beautiful piece of writing. Very subtle.  Very introspective. It will take your mind to a quieter place.

PS  I am embarassed to admit that it was not until the very end that I realized the author, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, was the wife of the famed Charles Lindbergh. Duh!!!

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