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My 21 Day Fix – Meals, Workouts, Results!

One week into the 21 Day Fix and the pounds are melting off. I’m down 4 lbs towards my goal of 7. The ladies in my test group are down 3-7 lbs! In 7 days! 14  more days to go! I wanted to share some of the food I’ve been eating as well as a glimpse at some... read more

What’s Holding You Back?

I’m currently training for my very first bikini competition!  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure that that’s no news to you!  BUT….even though I’m dabbling in this new world of fitness and nutrition…I’m still offering my Challenge Groups!! If you... read more

Too Fine for Wine!

I Got tired of all the graphic tees with sayings like: “Mama needs some wine”, “Fine like wine”, “They whine; I wine” 🚫🍷🚫🍷 Oh I used to think it was cute, but then I realized there was really nothing cute about sipping on “mom juice” all day — while I was... read more

Where’d My Motivation Go!?

“Motivation” is something that I hear about…a lot. Not only do I talk with people about it almost daily, but I’ve learned a lot about it personally! People are always talking to me about not knowing “where” their motivation went?!  They don’t understand what happened... read more

A New Obsession is Coming!!

The 80-Day Obsession is coming NEXT MONTH!!  This new workout program, developed by the amazing trainer, Autumn Calabrese, is designed specifically to burn fat and get you lean.  It is fine-tuned to give you each specific workout at a specific time to give you the... read more

80-Day Obsession

Exciting news!  Beachbody’s Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese has recently announced her new program called 80 Day Obsession. This program is for anyone who wants a firm and shaped butt as well as toned and flat abs. But this is not your everyday... read more
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